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2001.jpg (38720 bytes)Back in the "old" days (late 1980's) when we were building IBM XT and AT clones we went through quite a few keyboards looking for the right one.  After getting burned more than I would like to admit, we stumbled onto the Focus Electronic 2001 keyboard.   We have been using it ever since.

You will pay more for this board--we do; but, if you are looking for standard "101" AT enhanced keyboard 2001cov.gif (4626 bytes)with the windows keys (104 keys total), I do not believe you will find a better one.  It looks good (wish the pictures did it justice), feels good, will take a lot of abuse, and has an easily removed dust cover which doubles as copy holder.  They are available with PS/2 and AT plugs.  Do yourself a favor and spend the extra 8-15 bucks for a quality keyboard--this one.


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