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Review of the EpoX 8KHA+ DDR Athlon Motherboard
Last updated: 1/14/2002

The last EpoX product we reviewed was the MVP3G2 Socket 7 Motherboard.  It was the first ATA/66 and the last of the Socket 7 ATX motherboards.  We called it the "G2" board.  Since then much has changed.  Along with the G2 we have used a couple of Athlon and Intel-based motherboards from other manufacturer's for customer computers.  The first Athlon board we used was the Micro Star MSI-6167.  It was one of the first available Slot A Athlon motherboards and was reviewed almost two years ago.  The Abit KT7-RAID Socket A motherboard with the VIA KT133 chipset followed.  The KT7-RAID was the first Socket A and ATA/100 motherboards we used and the last one to use single data rate SDRAM memory.  The EP-8KHA+ is the first Athlon motherboard we have tested that uses Double Data Rate (DDR) memory and the first one with the VIA KT266A chipset, integrated audio, and no ISA expansion board slots.  It arrived just in time to be part of the first computer built here with the new AMD Athlon XP processor and Windows XP operating system.

So, how much have AMD-based computers changed since the G2 board and what can one expect by upgrading to the 8KHA+?    Besides reviewing the 8KHA+, this article will attempt to answer that question.

IN THE BOX  The motherboard is attractively packed in a tough, plastic-impregnated retail box.  It comes with a motherboard book (User's Manual), ATA/66 cable, floppy cable, CD with software, one USB cable/bracket assembly, and an ATA/33 cable for your DVD or CD-ROM drive.

USER MANUAL.  The user manual is rather typical as far as motherboard books go and is adequate for most people who are technically inclined and have some experience assembling/troubleshooting computers.  The diagrams are good. Section 2, Features, states that this motherboard supports EpoX's exclusive KBPO (keyboard power-on), a feature I have grown to like with previous EpoX boards.  It doesn't or I could not find-out from looking through the book how to activate it. 

INSTALLATION.  See How to Install the EpoX 8KHA+ Motherboard for details and installation instructions.  Additionally, see How to Build a Computer with an AMD Socket A Athlon or Duron Processor if you want to build a computer with this motherboard.  The two articles are designed to complement each other.

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