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EpoX MVP3G2, MVP3G5, and MVP3C2 Motherboard
ATA/66 Hard disk Performance

Last updated:  4/14/00

4/14/00  So far the new BIOS is holding-up well.  It is not available on EpoX's web site, but is available from their FTP site at:

4/13/00 In the Dux computer Digest reviews of the EpoX MVP3G2 and MVP3C2 Super7 motherboards I expressed disappointment with the ATA/66 performance of these otherwise superb motherboards.  There were some questions as to whether the poor ATA/66 performance was being caused by the VIA VT82C596B South Bridge chip, the BIOS, or the 5,400 RPM ATA/66 hard disk used in the benchmark tests.  This morning I received an E-Mail from a reader stating that 'EpoX has finally got a handle on their UDMA66 problem' and that a Beta release of the BIOS would be available on EpoX's web site.  I searched the site and could not find the BIOS.  I fired off a message to EpoX tech support.  Before the ink was dry on my message, EpoX responded with the BIOS attached.  Well, folks, the problem was the BIOS and it looks like it has been fixed.  I ran a quick set of benchmarks with the G2 board and a 500 Mhz K6-2, below.  In particular the HDTach HD Read Burst speed has jumped from 22 to 57 MBPS!   The WinTune 98 benchmarks also show a noticeable improvement in memory performance.  The new BIOS version is vp3c0412.bin.   Before proclaiming that the problem is indeed solved, I want to run the BIOS for a few more days to check for stability and run some more benchmarks.  I will revise both reviews when additional testing has been completed.  It looks like EpoX is finally the winner in the Super7 realm, and that the Super7 is far from dead.  Larry


(vp3c0412.bin Beta)


WinTune 98

CPU Integer 1072 MIPS 1072 MIPS
CPU Floating Point 598 MFLOPS 597 MFLOPS
Memory 724 MB/S 652 MB/S
Cached Disk 81 MB/S 80 MB/S
Uncached Disk 3.4 MB/S 3.2 MB/S

HD Tach Read

Random Access 15.5 ms 15.1 ms
Read Speed Max. 20,0052 KPS 19,979 KPS
Read Speed Min. 10,726 KPS 12,624 KPS
Read Speed Avg. 17,105 KPS 17,180 KPS
Read Burst 56.9 MBPS 21.8 MBPS

Test Computer: AMD 500 Mhz K6-2 processor, EpoX MVP3G2 motherboard, 1 MB MB cache', 64 MB, 8 ns PC100 memory, Western Digital 64AA, 6.4 GB, 9.5 ms, 5,400 RPM ATA/66 hard disk (set to ATA/66 with ATA/66 cable) 2 GB partition with FAT32 file system (defragged before each test), Windows 98 OEM, Diamond V770 AGP display adapter with 32 MBytes.

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