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Last updated: 07/29/03

Let me tell you about a Super7 Baby AT motherboard with first rate quality: the Epox EP-58MVP3C-M.  The layout of this board is one of the best I've seen.  The engineers at Epox must have visited shops like mine to come-up with a product truly designed to make the life easier for people who work on computers.  Installation is a snap.  Add a 300 Mhz K6-2, compatible PC100 memory, UDMA hard disk and an AGP 3D graphics board, and you will have a screaming Super7.

The EP-51MVP3E-M uses the VIA Apollo MVP3 chipset to provide a 100 MHz bus frequency.  According to Epox, it will support AMD K6-2 and Cyrix M2 Socket 7 CPUs operating at 120-500 MHz as well as Intel Pentium and Pentium MMX CPUs .  With three ISA, four PCI, one AGP expansion board sockets, this motherboard provides an almost ideal Super7 motherboard upgrade for Baby AT form-factor computers.   The only draw-back is that the motherboard does not have any 72-pin memory slots.  However, if you are going to go to a 100 MHz Super7 capability you will be replacing your old memory anyway with 168-pin, PC100 SDRAMs.  Check Epox's WEB site for specs, a PDF copy of the user's manual, and a larger picture.

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