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Last updated: 07/29/03

 The new EpoX EP-MVP3C Super 7, Baby AT motherboard is a worthy successor to the EP-58MVP3C-M, which was previously reviewed,  and continues Epox's trend of manufacturing high quality motherboards.  My test computer, with an AMD 400 Mhz K6-2, 64 MB of PC-100 memory, and a 6.4 MB Western Digital hard disk, benchmarked at a respectfull 23.3 Business Winstones.  Furthermore, EpoX has added value to the EP-MVP3C by including  the following goodies on a CD:

  • Symantic's Norton Ghost.  Ghost is a utility program which you can use to copy images of whole hard disks or indivIdual partitions.  It can copy and resize Windows 95/98 FAT32 partitions.  Just the ticket for moving everything from you old hard disk to you new computer.

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