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Epox MVP3G2 Super7 Motherboard Review
Last updated: 5/31/2000

I built my first computer with the MVP3G2 motherboard four weeks ago (originally written 10/1/99) and installed another one in my own computer last week.  I learned a few things along the way I'd like to share with you.

I call the MVPG2 the "G2" board and I call its predecessor, the MVP3G-M, the "G" board.  The G2 board is almost identical to the G board in all respects:  stability, quality, features, and layout (these general categories are listed in the order of importance).  After running many benchmarks on three computers, operating the G2 in my own computer for eight months, and otherwise beating-up this board rather severely, I can confidently report that it is one rock-solid motherboard.  When I first tested the G2 motherboard in October of 1999, I was quite disappointed with the ATA/66 hard disk performance of the systems I built with it.   In April of this year EpoX fixed this problem with a BIOS upgrade (Award BIOS version vp3c0412.bin).  Now, I can confidently report that this motherboard is also a stellar performer in all respects, as well.  Its ATA/66 disk performance noticeably exceeds the ATA/33 performance of it's predecessor.

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