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Last updated: 11/23/99

The Micro-Star International MS-6167 Athlon motherboard has it where it counts: stability and performance.  Combine it with an AMD 650 Mhz Athlon processor, 128 MBytes of PC-100 memory, a 7,200 RPM ATA/66 hard disk, a high-end graphics board, and a large screen monitor and you will have the ultimate gamer's machine...

CHIPSET.  The MS-6167 uses the AMD-750 chipset.  It  consists of the AMD-751 System Controller, or "Northbridge," and the AMD-756 Peripheral Bus Controller, or "Southbridge."  The AMD Athlon processor talks to the Northbridge via  Athlon System or Frontside Bus (FSB). The FSB consists of three independent, 200 Mhz, synchronously-clocked channels:

  • 13-pin processor request
  • 13-pin system probe
  • 72-pin data transfer (8-bit ECC)

The FSB is capable of 1.6 GBytes per second peak-data-transfer rates and large 64-byte (cache' line) data burst transfers.

The Northbridge has an integrated memory controller which interfaces to the 100 Mhz, 64-bit Memory Bus.  It can support three non-buffered, PC-100 revision 1.0 SDRAM DIMMs and up to a total of 768 MBytes of memory.  ECC memory, if used, is supported with 8-bit ECC paths.

The Northbridge also controls and interfaces the CPU to:

  • 33-MHz, 32-bit PCI Bus, with support for up to six Bus Masters.
  • 66-MHz AGP Bus, which supports AGP 2X data transfers.

The Southbridge communicates with the Northbridge via the PCI bus and contains the following units:

  • Integrated ISA bus controller.
  • Enhanced master-mode PCI IDE controller with ATA/33/66 support.
  • USB controller.
  • Keyboard/mouse controller.
  • Real-time clock.

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