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Shuttle HOT-591P Baby AT Motherboard Review
Last updated: 07/29/03

591p.jpg (7472 bytes)INTRODUCTION.   I occasionally use this motherboard as a replacement for a defective Socket 7 motherboard in a computer which is otherwise really too new to entirely replace.  It is also a good board for an economical and modest upgrade to a faster processor in instances where it is not desired to replace the 72-pin memory in an existing computer.

mvp3_586.gif (8559 bytes)CHIPSET.  The 591P motherboard uses the VIA Apollo MVP3 chipset.  It consists of two chips:  the VT82C598 System Controller, or "North Bridge" in Super7 lingo, and a VT82C586B "South Bridge".   The VT82C598B is located to the left of the memory sockets and the VT82C586B is under the PCI expansion bus sockets.  Both chips are very complex and do many things; but, (very) simply put, the North Bridge controls the system, is the CPU to PCI bus bridge, and interfaces the CPU to the system memory, cache', and AGP graphics.  The South Bridge hangs off the PCI bus, controls the UDMA hard disk drives and Plug 'n Play, provides a bridge to the ISA bus, interfaces the CMOS BIOS, and takes care of the I/O functions such as the USB and keyboard interfaces.

SILK-SCREENING.  Silk-screening on this board is quite good.  Everything, from the jumpers to I/O connectors, is clearly labeled.

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