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AOpen FM56-H PCI K56FLEX/V.90 FAX/MODEM Review
Last updated: 4/5/99

fm56-h_p.jpg (10331 bytes)4/5/99 Updated the link to get the latest software for the FM56-H.

11/19/98  Update.  AOpen has posted new software for this MODEM.  It fixes all of the problems.  I've had one in my computer for months and it is now reporting the correct connect speed and UART.  To down-load the software click here.



4/5/99.  All of the problems have been solved...  The following description of previous problems will be retained in this article for those who are still having problems because they have not updated their software.  Larry

This FAX/MODEM has problems.  I have tested several of them and they always shows the connection speed as 115,200 BPS instead of the actual connection speed--a minor annoyance to most users.  Although the specifications for the MODEM state that it has a "16550/A Compatible Enhanced UART" Windows 98 shows it as a slow 8250 UART.  You can see this information by clicking MODEMS in the Control Panel, clicking the port the MODEM is on, and clicking More Info.  An AOL tech said that that is the reason the MODEM has problems connecting to their service.  I have seen the same sort of problem with a very reliable ISP running K56Flex.  It connects about one out of three attempts.  It had no problems connecting with another ISP running V.90 MODEMs.  Finally,  MicroSoft's Gaming Zone won't let user's play games because it has detected a MODEM which is too slow.


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