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Last updated: 6/7/00

INTRODUCTION.  If you are looking for an easy to install network for your a home or small office, the D-Link DHN-910 Phoneline Network in a Box may be just the solution.  Besides the ability to network with existing telephone wiring, the DHN-910 is reasonably fast, is simple to expand, and provides basic Internet sharing.

The DHN-910  implements the Home Phoneline Alliance (HomePNA) 2.0 Specification for a 10 Mb/S (megabits per second or Mhz) phoneline network which was derived from Epigram, Inc.'s (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Broadcom Corporation) iLine10 network.  The HomePNA 2.0 spec. is a broadband variation of the Ethernet which:

  • Is designed to operate over existing telephone wiring

  • Does not require a hub or switch.

  • Allows simultaneous telephone operation or operation of other existing services such as V.90 modems, ISDN, DSL, etc.

IN THE BOX... is a Phoneline network, of course.  This kit will network two PCs out of the box.  All you add are the PCs and a little time.  The attractive retail package includes:

All you need to add an additional PC is another network adapter and phoneline cable.

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