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Review of the IntelŪ AnyPoint™ Home Network
Last updated: 8/2/2001

8/2/02 Intel has discontinued the entire AnyPoint product line.  I quote the following from Intel's web site this date:

"PLEASE NOTE: The AnyPointŪ family of home and small office networking products are no longer being manufactured by Intel."


Parallel Port Model for 2 PCsSUMMARY.  The Intel AnyPoint Home Network, Parallel Port Model for 2 PCs, is a network designed for "dummies"--no offense intended.  It uses existing telephone wiring, which eliminates the need to run network cabling.  If a PC's printer port is not used for anything besides a printer, hardware installation does not require opening the PC and installing, configuring, and troubleshooting a network card.  Although it essentially employs the peer-to-peer networking capabilities built into Windows 95 and 98, the software is much easier to install than setting-up a Windows 95/98 network from scratch.  Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is one of it's chief selling points and it is even easier to install, for example, than the ICS features included with Windows 98 Second Edition.  The software includes a Wizard which makes printer and disc drive sharing really simple.  It automatically installs the Novell IPX/SPX protocol needed to play several multi-PC games. The price you pay for all of this convenience is network speed and $189.00 retail.

IN THE BOX.  AnyPoint is well-packaged in an attractive retail box. It includes:

  • Two external AnyPoint network adapters

  • Two AC adapters

  • Two parallel cables (DB25 male to female)

  • Two nine foot phone cables

  • CD-ROM with software

  • User's Guide

  • Hardware Installation Poster

  • Brief Software Installation Guide

  • Registration Post Card

  • One Page of Late Breaking News

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