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Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 895Cse Color Ink Jet Printer
Last updated 07/29/03

[DeskJet 895c photo]If you are looking for a  high-performance color ink jet printer for personal, small office, or workgroup use, the HP DeskJet 895Cse is a very good choice.  The quality of printed text, graphics, and photos is stunning for an ink jet.  Add the flexibility of both Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Centronics interfaces, a good selection of software, the economy of separate black and color cartridges, and duty cycle of 3,000 pages/month and you have printer which fits just right in the small office environment.

PACKING.   The 895 comes in a rugged cardboard box with thick styrofoam packing.  It looks like it will take a lot of shipping abuse.


  • User's Guide
  • Two Posters - "Parallel Printer Setup" and "USB Setup for Windows 98"
  • Power adapter and power cord
  • CD with drivers and bonus software
  • Black and tri-color ink cartridges

PHYSICAL. The 895C is a pretty thing.  The plastic is fairly solid stuff, somewhat more so than that used in many ink jets I've seen.  The tray assembly and lift-up lid over the print mechanism look like they will take more punishment than the average ink jet out there.  The head assembly is solid, simple, and easy to get at.  The pint head positioning belt is wider than many I've seen.  You can really look into the printer from the front--lots of space.  There is a large, easy-to-remove door, with paper rollers at the rear, which combined with the access afforded at the front, should make clearing a paper-jam quite easy.  Although I haven't had the opportunity (or need) yet, I would guess servicing this printer would be much easier than many I've worked on.

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