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AOpen FX-3D Plus Sound Card Review
Last updated:  4/9/99

Not everyone needs a high-end sound card in their computer.  If you are looking for a simple ISA PnP sound card which is Sound Blaster Pro compatible, easy to install and has a good audio rack, this card can be purchased for a very low price.  Combine it with some low-end speakers, such as MLIi's 699 Speaker System, and you can equip the business user, etc. with basic sound capabilities.  I have installed this board in many computers.  With exception of a missing file on the floppy included with earlier versions of the board, which I downloaded from AOpen's Web site, it has been a no hassle, no problem job.  I have not received a single trouble call on this board.

INCLUDED.  Sound card, floppy with drivers and Aopen Rack, and manual.

MANUAL.  Compared to many sound card manuals I've seen, the FX-3D Plus manual is well-written and illustrated,


  • Analog Devices AD1816 chipset

  • OPL3 FM synthesizer compatible

  • Built-in 3D stereo sound

  • ISA Plug and Play

  • Advanced Sigma Delta Codec technology

  • Signal-to-noise ratios exceeds 80 dB

  • MPC3-compatible mixer

  • 16-bit address decoder

  • Full duplex capture and playback at six different sampling rates


  • Game

  • MIDI

  • DSP serial port

  • Wavetable daughter card upgrade connector

  • Mic in, line-in, and speker-out

  • MODEM connector (directly compatible with the FM56-ITU MODEM)


  • Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1x, and Windows NT

  • SoundBlaster Pro

  • Microsoft Windows Sound System

  • AdLib and OPL3


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