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ATI-TV TV Tuner and Video Capture Board
Last updated 3/23/99

Do you want to watch TV on your computer?  Then just add an ATI-TV board, install the software which comes with the board, and plug-in your cable TV, VCR, etc.    But that's not all...  The ATI-TV is a very good video-capture board (frame-grabber), as well.  If you already have a camcorder, especially a small one with an LCD display,  you may now be able to live without a digital camera until the prices drop.  Mount your camcorder on a tripod, connect it to the ATI-TV, fire-up Microsoft's NetMeeting and you will have an excellent Internet videoconference camera.  The uses of this board abound...

IN THE BOX.  The board comes with an installation CD, an audio cable to connect it to your sound board, a flat cable to connect it to your display adapter, and a User Manual.

MANUAL. The 35-page User Manual is extensive, well-written, and amply illustrated.  A copy, along with Adobe's Acrobat Reader, is on the ATI CD in pdf format.

INSTALLATION.   The ATI-TV works very well with ATI Rage II, Xpert 98 and Xpert@Play 98 display adapters.  It should work  with other video boards with an ATI multi-channel connector (AMC).  I recently installed this board in two Windows 98 computers as follows:

Installation was identical in both cases:  In a nut shell, plug-in the board, attach the audio and AMC cable, and turn-on the computer. Windows 95/98 detected the board and installed the drivers and software from the ATI CD.  Both computers have been running  for months without a problem.

INPUT/OUTPUT.  The ATI-TV has the following external connectors on the back of the card:

  • Audio output.  Provides stereo audio to a sound card, or directly to amplified speakers or Hi-Fi system.  The connection to the sound card would normally be done via the internal cable supplied with the board.
  • CATV input.  A coax connector for cable TV or TV antenna.
  • Composite video input.  An RCA phono jack to accept a TV, VCR, camcorder, etc. with composite video outputs.
  • S-Video input.  The best way to input video and audio if your input device has an S-Video capability.
  • Stereo audio input.  Consists of two RCA jacks.

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