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The NewCom E-Cam Digital Color Camera
Last updated 7/12/00

NewCom has gone out of business.

7/12/00  The E-Cam software can be downloaded from PCLiquidator.  Larry

The NewCom E-Cam an attractive camera with a street price of about $90.00.  It is very easy to install.  The picture quality is quite good for a low-cost camera. Its printer port interface limits performance.


  • Camera with non-slip, weighted base
  • 6-foot parallel cable with separate pass-through keyboard power adapter.
  • Installation manual.
  • CD with software.


  • NewCom Videogram Center captures full motion video or still frames which can be played backed back with a video player or made into and exe file or videogram which includes the player function.  You can then E-mail the videogram as an attachment and it can be played by the recipient simply by double-clicking the attachment icon in the body of the message.  Of course, your E-Mail service must permit E-Mail attachments.
  • iPhoto Express photo editor - modify photos and make postcards, business cards, etc.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 - to read the documentation on the CD.
  • Microsoft's NetMeeting (with IE 4.0) for Internet videoconferencing.

INSTALLATION.  The camera is designed to sit on a desktop or on top of a monitor.  It can also be attached to a tripod with a standard mount.  It interfaces with an ECP, bi-directional or normal printer port and grabs its power through a pass-through keyboard adapter.  It doesn't need an external power adapter.  PS/2 and AT keyboard adapters are supplied.  I would suggest deciding where you are going to put the camera before installing the cable.

Driver installation was very simple and didn't even require a reboot.  Windows detected the camera when booting up after the hardware installation and found the software on the CD.  The NetMeeting installation wants to install the Internet Explorer 4.0 even if it is already installed on the computer.  Just let it continue and detect the previous IE install.

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