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Last updated: 07/29/03

If you are looking to add a USB capability to computer which is a no brainer to install, the Ads Technologies PCI USB Port is just that.  There isn't a whole lot to say about this board except it adds two USB ports to computer which doesn't have one on the motherboard, has a damaged USB port, or has one of those Baby AT motherboards for which one just cannot find a compatible I/O cable and bracket.

The board is attractively packaged with an excellent Users Guide.  It does not include a driver or CD.  It doesn't need one.  Just plug-in the board, fire-up your computer, and watch Windows 98 install the software.  I had no problem installing an HP ScanJet 6200C and interfacing it to this board.  It was entirely plug 'n play with no glitches.

If your mother board has a USB capability be sure it  disable it.  Most motherboards have a USB enable/disable switch in the CMOS setup. Windows 95 versions below OSR 2.1 do not support USB.  You will have to find the upgrade to 2.1 or upgrade to Windows 98 (I recommend the later).


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