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The Pelican L1 LED Flashlight
Last updated: 1/24/04

From the foregoing negative comments, you might think that I don't like the Pelican L1. Au Contrare, I love my little L1. For the most part, the negatives are really minor points.

The rugged clip, ergonomically-designed finger hooks, and the combination momentary/constant-on switch, top-off this superbly thought-out product. The light output is surprising for such a small, solid-state flashlight and is comparable to the much larger Dorsey flashlight for close quarter work and navigating through a house or shop during a power outage (I still like my Dorsey and it has found a home in my shop on hook above my workbench).

The L1 is available with white, red, and green LEDs. The red LED version of the L1 provides for night vision protection. Combined with the break-away safety lanyard, water resistance, and long battery life, it should make an excellent flashlight for use while on watch at night in the pilot house and on the wing of a ship.

The L1 is available for about $12 on the Internet. I bought mine at THELedLight.com. My Wife briefly checked the availability of LR44 cells this week while shopping locally and couldn't find any. They are also readily available on the Internet.

The Pelican L1 makes an ideal addition to a technician's field service tool kit and for use in a shop--if you can figure-out a way to stop them from disappearing. I plan to buy more of them, one for my field service tool kit and one to put in our car's glove compartment for map reading, etc. and as a back-up for the brighter incandescent flashlight that is presently in our car. Larry

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