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Last updated: 5/9/00

Duron... Duron... Sounds like a song from the sixties, but it's a derivative of the Athlon, AMDs answer to the Intel Celeron, and may be a replacement for the K6 line of processors.   Here is what I know/have heard about AMD's new Duron processor, plus a little speculation...

The Duron was originally code named Spitfire; a Duron is a Spitfire. (ref. 1)

The Duron "is targeted for the value desktop market,  and is designed to provide an optimized solution for value conscious business and home users."  (refs. 1 & 2)
Translation:  it will replace the K6 in the desktop market.

"The AMD Duron processor is derived from the AMD Athlon processor core and features full-speed, on-chip cache memory, a 200MHz front side system bus, and enhanced 3DNow!™ technology." (ref. 1)

According to ref. 3, the Duron will have 128K on-die cache' (on the CPU chip itself).  According to a posting in response to ref. 3, the Duron will have the following cache':

"...there are many rumors floating around that the Duron will have 128Kb of L2 cache, but it's not true.
the Duron Cache formation is:
L1 128Kb Cache Full Way Set Associative
L2 64KB Unitifed Cache 4-way set associative"

I'll wait and see...

The Duron uses a Socket A instead of the current Athlon Slot A configuration.  The Socket A looks similar to the Socket 7, but has more pins.   The picture to the right is an actual Socket A (ref. 4).

AMD appears to be phasing out Slot A CPUs. (ref. 2 & ref. 5).  (I said "appears")

The Duron uses AMD's 0.18 micron manufacturing process. (ref. 3)

The Duron will be available in 500 to 700 Mhz models.  (ref. 3)

The Duron will initially sell in quantity for $75 to $175 USD. (ref. 3)

VIA is developing the KZ133 chipset for the AMD Socket A CPU's.

Shipments of the Duron are planned for June 2000.  (ref. 2)


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