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My, How Things Have Changed
Last updated: 6/30/00

I can't remember the exact year we built these computers, but would guess it was early 1989.  Hopefully,  this is an interesting break from all of the discussion of the latest and greatest in the computer field and that it will help all of us appreciate how much the computer has evolved in just eleven years.

This was a low-end, 12 Mhz 286 with a 9-pin dot-matrix printer and not much in the graphics department.  That's 640 KBytes of memory and a 20 MByte hard disk!  No Windows, no mouse... 12" monochrome monitor... It is hard to imagine how we ever thought those things were fast, but they
were in their day. 

We have older computers in the back room and an old XT in a desktop case which is setting on its back and serving as a door stop to the door going into the back room.  Believe it or not, some of these "tax specials," or similar models from the same time frame, are still running.


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