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Larry's Christmas Wish List

For those who exchange gifts during the holidays, it's not too early to start thinking ahead and start nagging for those Christmas goodies.  Here's what I want...

1.   A quality, name-brand motherboard with as many of the following features that are available by the 22nd of December, 2000:

  • The latest and best Socket A Athlon chipset

  • ATX form factor

  • 266 Mhz DDR (Double Data Rate) memory support

  • ATA/100 hard disk support

  • Four USB ports

  • One 4X AGP slot

  • Five or six PCI slots (PCI spec. 2.2 Compliant)

  • At least one ISA slot (for my HP 4P SCSI scanner.  Or, a new USB scanner. Or, yuck, a PCI SCSI board)

  • Two additional IDE interfaces (total of four) with RAID

  • IEEE 1394 FireWire Port(s)

  • No sound on the motherboard

  • No MODEM on motherboard

  • No display on motherboard

3.  The fastest AMD Socket A Mustang processor with 2 MBytes of on-die cache'.  The fastest Athlon would be my second choice.  Ok, I'll settle for a 600 Mhz Duron if they are still in production.

4.  A real good Socket A CPU fan--toaster cooler.

5.  256 Mbytes, 266 Mhz DDR memory.  128 MBytes?

6.  80 Gig, 10,000 RPM, ATA/100 hard disk drive.  How about a 20 Gig, 7,200 RPM. ATA/100 drive?  Alright, even, I'll take a 15 Gig, ATA/66 drive as long as it whizzes at 7,200 RPM.

7.  A quality 19" monitor.  A 17" monitor would be better than the one I've got...

8.  The latest and greatest DVD/CDR/W drive.

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One can squirrel away money and use stealth tactics if this doesn't work...


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