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12/30/98 How to make your own network cables.  Everything you need to know to fabricate straight-thru and crossover cables.  MORE

12/6/98  From the shop...  I've been asked if the Epox EP51-MVP3C-M and EP-58MVP3-M Super7 motherboards support AMD 350 Mhz K6-2 processors.   The answer is yes... However, there is timing problem with the OSR2.X release of Windows 95.  MORE

11/19/98  AOpen FM56-H MODEM Update.  AOpen has posted new software for this MODEM.  It apparently fixes all of the problems.   MORE

11/17/98 From the shop...  A reader writes, "My PC cannot detect my hard disk (sometimes).   And I suspect the CMOS has been infected by virus. What should I do?"    MORE

11/17/98  Alex van Kaam's Motherboard Monitor Lite for Windows 95/98 accesses various system monitoring chips and displays motherboard temperatures, fan speeds, and voltages. Fan and temperature alarms can be set.   MORE

11/8/98 The Abit BH6 Pentium II motherboard is easy to install and is absolutely stable with a 450 Mhz processor.   Everything about it--layout, capacitors, packaging, and the user manual--rings of quality.   MORE

10/29/98  From the shop...  If you work with Western Digital hard disk drives you should have a copy of WD Diagnostics.   MORE

10/28/98 If you are looking for good case for a network file server, the AOpen HX08 full-tower case, with a 13-drive capacity and a 300 Watt ATX power supply, may be just the ticket.   MORE

10/23/98 Give me a MODEM which is economical, works well and is one I can control.  By control I mean a MODEM with jumpers and a wide selection of IRQ and port address options.  The AOpen FM56-ITU FAX/MODEM meets these requirements.  MORE

10/22/98  Back in the "old" days (late 1980's) when we were building XT and AT clones we went through quite a few keyboards looking for the right one.  We found it and have been using the Focus Electronic 2001 keyboard ever sinceMORE

10/21/98  I have been building computers with AOpen BG45 Baby AT form-factor, mid-tower case for years. MORE

10/20/98 The Epox EP-51MVP3E-M  motherboard is my choice for the best overall Super7 ATX motherboard on the market. MORE

10/16/98 The AOpen FM56-H K56flex/V.90 FAX/MODEM has problems. MORE

10/15/98 I use the AOpen HX45 ATX form-factor, mid-tower computer case for most of the computers I build.  It is an excellent choice for those who are going to build their own computer. MORE

10/9/98 Another freebee from Epox.  This one is certainly worth having if you have one of the Epox Super7 motherboards.  MORE

10/9/98 (Revised).  Free!  If you have an Epox motherboard, you can make your UltraDMA hard disk drive run much(!) faster. Benchmarks affirm my initial reaction: simply incredible!  You may encounter a problem installing the driver.  MORE

10/9/98 (Revised).  Let me tell you about a Super7 Baby AT motherboard with first rate quality: the Epox EP-58MVP3C-M. The layout of this board is one of the best I've seen.   The engineers at Epox must have visited shops like mine to come-up with a product truly designed to make the life easier for people who work on computers.   Installation is a snap.  Add a 300 Mhz K6-2, compatible PC100 memory, Western Digital UDMA hard disk, the Epox/Highpoint bus-master UDMA driver, and AGP 3D  and you will have a screaming Super7.  MORE

8/17/98 The AOpen BG95 Baby AT desktop computer case offers full expandability and good quality.  MORE

8/13/98  Are you looking for a good ATX desktop case with a power supply?  The AOpen HX95 may be a good choice.  MORE

5/21/98  Started the Dux Computer Digest.

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