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Last update: 11/12/00

11/12/00 If you just installed Windows Me and are wondering what happened to the Microsoft Backup program, click here...

9/26/00  Back in the MS-DOS and Windows 3.x days most technicians packed a boot floppy with some basic software tools on it for trouble-shooting, installing hard disks, etc..  Today, this sort of floppy is called a Windows Startup disk or Emergency Boot Disk (EBD) and is largely ignored until an emergency, such as a hard disk failure, when, to the dismay of the user, it may not work.  Furthermore, with the advent of Windows Me, there is no way to even make a bootable floppy from the Windows Format Menu or by using the FORMAT /s command from the DOS prompt.  Find solutions to these problems in How to Make Windows Me Startup and Boot Floppy Disks.

9/14/00  A few changes have been made in the procedures for installing Windows Me (Millennium Edition) as compared to previous versions.  To learn about them and a few other tidbits of information, read How to Install Windows Me.

9/12/00 The best way I have found to date to share an Internet connection, be it dial-up, cable MODEM, or DSL, is with the SMC Barricade Broadband Router.  Click here for a different kind of review of this product.

8/11/00  AMD just E-Mailed AMD Resellers a Tech Tip on Socket A Athlon and Duron heatsinks.  I would suggest reading it before throwing the power switch on that computer with your new Athlon or Duron.  It could prevent destruction of the processor.  Click here to read it.

8/8/00  10 Days and counting.  On 7/22/99 I stated, "So, now, hopefully, with your help, I'll create my second 'playpen,' the Dux Computer Digest."  Well, you have helped and I 'm going to do it this month.  Click here to read more...

7/29/00  For those who "exchange" gifts during the holidays, it's not too early to start thinking ahead and start nagging for those Christmas goodies.  Here's what I want... and a guess of what will be available in motherboards and CPUs by December 22nd.

7/27/00  This 144-pin chip is starting to show-up on motherboards and ATA/100 controller expansion boards.  What it does is what the motherboard chipsets don't do yet.  So, I thought this little gem deserved its own little article:  The Highpoint HPT370 ATA/100 RAID Controller Chip.

7/26/00  Acer Labs ALiMAGIK 1 AMD Athlon Super Northbridge Product Brief.  How about a 266 Mhz FSB and 266 Mhz memory to go with it, among other thing.  Click here for the Product Brief and list of features.

7/13/00  Internet Explorer 5.5... Is this version of IE worth downloading and installing?  Yes, if you have a broadband Internet connection.  Maybe, if you are using a dial-up, have good connection, and are patient/retired.  Click here to read more.

6/30/00  Circa 1989...  What was the computer like and how much did cost?  For a little nostalgia, read about in My, How Things Have Changed.

6/22/00  Say goodbye to some old "friends": Slot 1 CPUs and motherboards, Slot A CPUs and motherboards, Socket 7/Super7 CPUs and motherboards, Baby AT form factor motherboards and cases, and AT power supplies and keyboards.  Read about in:
  Obituary - Slot 1, Slot A, Socket 7, K6, & Baby AT!

6/17/00  If you are hellbent on breaking your computer you might as well turn to a real expert and learn how to do the job right.  We start with...  How to Break a Keyboard.

6/16/00  Thinking of buying Windows 2000?  Microsoft has a tool to check your computer hardware and software to see if there will be  problems before deciding to buy it.  Click here for more info...

6/13/00  It is not possible to describe all of the steps one might take to fix every printer, but in many cases a simple set of procedures and a logical approach may save you a trip to a repair shop.  Read How to Troubleshoot Printer Problems for more info.

6/12/00  From the Shop... In the "old days" motherboards were commonly shipped as OEM products in "plain wrappers."  Some still are.  And the motherboard books did not mention the manufacture either--a generic product, indeed.  So how does one find-out who made the board?  Find the answer in...
How to Indentify a Motherboard

6/11/00  We attempt to describe the "New" Socket A Athlon, with on-die L2 cache', in brief and more understandable language in
A Guide to The "New" AMD Socket A
Athlon Processor

6/8/00 We continue the Dux Computer Digest Hard Disk Drive Guide with How a Hard Disk Drive Works.

6/7/00   If you are looking for an easy to install network for your a home or small office, the D-Link DHN-910 Phoneline Network in a Box may be just the solution.

6/1/00  We start the Dux Computer Digest Hard Disk Drive Guide with two articles: A Brief History of the Hard Disk Drive and What is an IDE Hard Disk Drive?  Click here for the Introduction.

5/31/00 The AOpen 952E 52X CD-ROM drive is a reliable, fast, quiet, and somewhat economical CD-ROM drive.  This is AOpen's most recent CD-ROM drive.  The "differences" between it and the AOpen 948E 48X CD-ROM drive may come as a surprise to some.  Click here to read more.

5/31/00  The Epox MVPC2 and MVP3G2 Super7 motherboard reviews have been rewritten  to account for the noticeable increase in ATA/66 hard disk performance resulting from a recent BIOS revision.  Click the appropriate link to read more MVP3G2 ATX, MVP3C2 Baby AT.

5/18/00  A few months ago I came into work and found the usual pile of junk FAXes waiting for the trash can and thought to myself, 'Why are we continuing to pay for a dedicated phone line to receive this garbage?  Read on to learn more about... The Death of the FAX Machine!

5/9/00 Duron... Duron... Sounds like a song from the sixties, but it's a derivative of the Athlon, AMDs answer to the Intel Celeron, and may be a replacement for the K6 line of processors.  Click here for what I know/have heard about AMD's new Duron processor, plus a little speculation...

5/8/00  I have been using the AOpen 9XXE/AKU series of CD-ROM drives for upgrades and new computers for years and have found them to be quality products that hold-up over time.  Currently, the 48X version of the drive is my choice for performance/cost.  Click here to read the review.

5/4/00  During the installation of a CD-ROM drive, configuration choices can noticeably affect drive performance.  Read about it in How to Install a CD-ROM Drive.

4/22/00 $$$ Some interesting observations on types of web page banner ads, click rates, and how much Yahoo gets for banners.

4/14/00 I have started a Windows How to page with tips and tricks.  I will build on this section as time goes by.  If you want to contribute that neat idea or tip that perhaps no one has thought of before, please post a message in our Discussion Forum.  I will setup a Windows Forum soon where problems, etc. can be posted and discussed as well.   Larry Click here for the article.

4/13/00  In the Dux Computer Digest reviews of the EpoX MVP3G2 and MVP3C2 Super7 motherboards, I expressed disappointment with the ATA/66 hard disk performance of these otherwise superb motherboards.  Well, it looks like EpoX has finally fixed the problem.  Click here to read more.

4/12/00  I use Microsoft FrontPage to directly write, organize, and publish the Dux Computer Digest.  Today, I started a FrontPage How to for the Digest.  The article starts with a few items.  I will try to add to it over time.  If there is enough interest in the subject, I may, in the future, add a Discussion Forum on FrontPage to this web site.  Click here for the article.

3/23/00  The Baby AT form-factor motherboard lives on...  The EpoX MVP3C2 Socket 7, Baby AT motherboard is well-suited for upgrading aging Baby AT computers at minimal cost.  Add a 450 or 500 Mhz AMD K6-2 processor and 64 MBytes of PC-100  memory and you will put enough zip in that old computer to put a smile on your secretary's face Click here to read the review.

3/16/2000  A customer brought me her computer to fix a problem with a game and this HP 3300C scanner to install.  The game was a difficult problem; installing the scanner was a breeze.  Furthermore, I was  impressed with the quality and performance of this $130 scanner.  Click here to read the review.

2/10/2000  I call A-Top AT900-ATG a mid-tower case because it isn't as tall as a full-tower case and has fewer bays; however, it is taller and has more drive bays than many other mid-tower cases.  Click here to read the review.

2/1/2000  We present benchmarks and observations for some popular Socket 7 CPU's; namely, the AMD 450 Mhz K6-3, 450 Mhz K6-2, 400 Mhz K6-2, and the VIA Cyrix 300 Mhz M2-433GP. Which one is the best buy?

1/21/2000 Are you tired of the inconvenience of frequently having to fetch and insert your Windows CD when you install new hardware or software?  Well, here's how to put all of those files on your hard disk and tell Windows to look for them there instead of on the CD.

1/19/2000 The latest and greatest in computer technology... This all started as a review of VIA Technologies' Cyrix MII processor and turned into an editorial on a pet peeve of mine...

1/6/2000 The Vantec SK-5026FD socket 7/socket 370 Cooler or CPU fan characterizes what one should be looking for in the way of a device to prevent a CPU from frying.

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