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Last updated: 12/6/2001

12/6 How to Install the EpoX 8KHA+ Motherboard provides detailed instructions for installing the popular, high-performance EpoX 8KHA+ DDR Socket A AMD Athlon/Duron Motherboard in a typical computer.

6/28  nVIDIA put some of the essence of the Microsoft Xbox game machine in a motherboard chipset that differs significantly from its predecessors, as will the motherboards built with it.  Read more about it in The nVIDIA nForce Motherboard Chipset: a different perspective.

6/10 How to Dual-Boot Windows 9X/Me and 2000 Pro provides step-by-step instructions for installing both Windows 9X/Me and Windows 2000 Pro on the same hard disk drive so that either operating system can be selected from a menu when the computer first boots-up.

6/7 Review of D-Link DI-701 Residential Gateway/Broadband Router.  Unfortunately, an operational review of this spiffy-looking, semi-transparent product was stopped cold by its inability to communicate with my cable MODEM.  Click here to read more...

4/8/01 How to Build a Computer with a Socket A Athlon or Duron Processor presents the steps used to build a Socket A  computer as a detailed check list with notes and pictures.

3/25/01 Many AMD Socket A Athlon and Duron processors are damaged during installation.  The purpose of How to Install an AMD Athlon or Duron Socket A Processor is to help you avoid that misfortune.

3/16/01 How to Troubleshoot CD-ROM Drive Autoplay and Audio CD Problems

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