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Last updated: 12/2/2002

12/2 If you really want to soup-up a computer, get a Western Digital Special Edition Caviar hard disk drive with an eight MByte buffer--reasonably priced and lightning fast!

10/3 The Abit KX7-333/KX7-333R DDR Athlon motherboard implements an incremental increase in motherboard technology with the VIA KT333 chipset and DDR2700 (333 MHz) memory.  Is it faster than its predecessor?  This review also includes benchmarks of the Western Digital WD800 Special Edition ATA/100 hard disk drive with 8 MBytes of disk cache' in normal and RAID configurations.  The box the drive comes in says, "LIGHTNING FAST."  Is it?  Click here to find out.

9/26 Red Hat Linux Clean Install - The Whole Enchilada. This is my detailed(!) step-by-step, clean install and testing of Red Linux 7.3, including telnet, wu-FTP, Samba, Apache, a virtual web server, Perl, PHP, MySQL, and the lines from the various configuration and test files. I hope these notes will save some people some grief.

9/7 How to Network Red Hat Linux and Microsoft Windows will show you step-by-step how to setup a computer running Red Hat Linux version 7.3 in a network with computers running various versions of Microsoft Windows.

7/30 If you are looking for a large, but not overbearing ATX computer case and power supply for a high-end PC or small business file server, Antec's SX830 and SX840 Performance Series Workstation Cases are good choices.

7/17 Ways to Copy the Contents of One Hard Disk to Another will show you how to configure your old and new hard disk drives and describe four methods used to copy the contents of the old one to the new one.

2/5 I have learned a few lessons the hard way over the many years I have been working on computers and a few of them have been very expensive.  Some of the most important ones are presented in Rules for Working With Hard Disk Drives and Safeguarding Data.

1/14 The EpoX 8KHA+ Athlon MotherboardHow much have AMD-based computers changed since the Socket 7 and what can one expect by upgrading to the 8KHA+?   Besides reviewing the 8KHA+, this article will attempt to answer that question.  Click here to read more...

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