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Hard disk Drives

Last updated: 10/14/04

What do you use to test hard disk drives?

Why do Windows 9x fdisk and format commands executed at the DOS prompt report hard disk drives  that are larger than 64 GBytes as much small drives?

Where does one find the equivalent of the Windows 9x/Me scandisk in Windows 2000?

Where does one find the equivalent of the Windows 9x/Me scandisk in Windows XP?

Formatting a Hard Disk Drive for Windows XP

How do I set a drive to use DMA and change other device settings in Windows 2000/XP?

Why doesn't my motherboard see my new 40 Gbyte (or other large capacity) hard disk drive?

What are the rules for connecting IDE drive cables (hard disk, CD-ROM, ATA/66/100/133, etc.)?

How can I install a laptop hard disk drive in a desktop computer?

What is an IDE hard disk drive?

What is a Serial ATA disk drive?

What causes a non-system disk error?

How do I fix the problem of my old hard disk drive not being recognized as a system disk after replacing my old motherboard?

Will an old ATA/33 hard disk drive work with motherboards that support ATA/66 or ATA/100 disk drives?

The EZ Drive floppy that came my new hard disk drive appears to be able to format, and under "check bios" it searches for the drive and hangs... I've tried auto, large, LBA and the maximum... How do I install the drive?

How do I copy the contents on the old drive to a new one?

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