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Installing a Laptop Hard Disk Drive in a Desktop PC
Last updated: 9/13/01

QHow can I install a laptop hard disk drive in a desktop computer?

A.  Kits are widely available that convert most notebook 2 1/2" IDE hard disk drives  from a 44-pin cable with power to a standard 40-pin IDE cable without power and a separate power connector.  Most of them include a mounting kit so the drive can be installed in a standard  3 1/2" drive bay in a desktop PC.  To find more information and vendors that sell them, use http://www.google.com and search with: laptop desktop ide converterThere are also 3 1/2" drive to 5 1/4" drive bay mounting kits that can be used if there is not an unused 3 1/2" drive bay in the desktop PC.

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