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Free Anti-virus, Worm, Spyware, and Adaware Software
Last Updated: 2/17/06

Q.  What do you use to protect your computer from viruses, worms, spyware, adaware, and hackers?

A.  I use the following programs for virus and spyware protection/detection, which are available as free downloads:

Free AVG


Spybot S&D

I also have Microsoft AntiSpyware installed.

In some instances, a virus may render an anti-virus program ineffective. In that case, scan with an online Internet anti-virus program, such as the free one available at antivirus.com (Trend Micro).

I do not use a firewall. My broadband router provides sufficient protection.

I am very careful about what e-mail attachments I open.

I have not had a virus or serious spyware problem in years. If it works (and it does), free is better.

Scan in the Windows Safe Mode (press F8 several times just as Windows is about to start and select it from the resulting menu). Windows XP and Me System Restore should be disabled. See Windows Help on disabling it. Reenable and set a restore point after scanning, if desired.

My computer and network

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