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The Internet and Internet Connection Sharing

Last updated: 1/11/06

Internet Explorer Cannot Connect to Secure Sites

What is the best way to expand the number of PC Ports on a broadband router?

What do you use to protect your computer from viruses, worms, spyware, and adaware?

What is a NAT or Network Address Translation?

How can one fix a slow broadband (cable or DSL), ICS, or Windows network connection?

Why won't my broadband router communicate with my cable MODEM?

How can one save the Windows Dial-up Connection settings and password for an Internet Service Provider?

How can one hang-up a dial-up MODEM on a Windows 9x/Me ICS host computer from an ICS client computer?

How do I enable or disable the Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall?

Where do I find information on setting-up SyGate Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) software for Internet games, online chat, personal communications, etc.?

How can I share an Internet Connection with Windows 2000?

Is there a combination broadband router/Ethernet switch that supports USB cable or DSL MODEMS?

What is DHCP?

How can I tell if a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server is running/working on my network?

What are the differences between an Ethernet hub or switch and a broadband router?

Can an Ethernet  hub (or switch) replace a router for a small network using the Internet?

How does one configure Windows 98 SE/Me Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) to share a DSL connection that uses PPPOE?

Is there an easy way to reconfigure ICS after it is installed?

How do I configure my ICS client computer so it will connect to a web server on the Internet?

What are the ways to share a broadband (cable or DSL MODEM) Internet connection?

How do I set-up an SMC Barricade broadband router so I can do mIRC DCC file transfers?

How do I get around the SMC Barricade broadband router firewall to use Dialpad or other Internet phones?

High-bandwidth devices are slow with Windows Internet Connection Sharing

How to change the Windows ICS dial-up disconnect timeout value

ICQ, Windows 98 SE/Me ICS, and firewall configuration

Internet Connection Sharing Configuration -- adapters, IP addresses...

IP address of a network adapter connected to a DSL line or cable MODEM

Sharing a dial-up with three computers using  Windows Internet Connection Sharing

Windows Internet Connection Sharing and DSL?

Also, see our Networking FAQs.

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