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Last updated: 4/16/2005

What is the best way to expand the number of PC Ports on a broadband router?

How do you setup WPA-PSK authentication with TKIP encryption on Windows XP for a wireless network?

Is there an equation for coverting Hz (Hertz) into Mbps (mega bits per sec)?

How to Disable Simple File Sharing in Windows XP

Windows XP: After fixing a hijack/spyware problem, I can ping web sites but cannot browse them.

Why is a 24 gauge wire thinner than a 22 gauge wire?

What is the main difference between the IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T and the ANSI/TIA 854 1000BASE-TX Gigabit Ethernet standards?

Can a Cat 6 modular plug be plugged into Cat 5 and 5e RJ-45 Jacks?

How do I check my network IP address in Windows XP (and in Windows 2000/NT)?

How to configure Windows XP to login into Linux/Unix Samba Networking

How do I wire RJ-45 jacks so the color code is correct?

Can one use the unused wires in a network CAT 5 (and 5e, 6) cable for a telephone connection?

How does one wire an RJ-45 jack for a PC connection to a broadband router, switch, or hub?

What is the best and hopefully cheapest way I can use two computers on one RJ45 outlet? The RJ45 outlet goes to a router.

Tips on Adding Windows XP to an Existing Network

How can one fix a slow broadband (cable or DSL), ICS, or Windows network connection?

Is CAT 5 (and CAT 5e, 6) network cable a good choice for audio applications; e.g., connecting speakers to an amplifier?

How can one save the Windows Dial-up Connection settings and password for an Internet Service Provider?

How do I install a network adapter when Windows keeps stating that it needs a file from the network adapter floppy (or the Windows CD) to continue, but still cannot find the file/driver when I insert the requested disk?

By default, how many TCP bindings (instances) can one have in a Windows 9X network configuration and how can it be changed?

What is an Ethernet  MAC address?

How does one make a combo coax/twisted-pair network adapter that works in a thinwire coax network work in a twisted-pair network?

How do I enable or disable the Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall?

What is a good way to attach network cables to wooden studs and joists?

What is the cause of most network problems?

How do I get a Windows 98 (95, 98 SE, Me) computer to work with a Windows XP computer on a network using a broadband router?

I how do I share a drive or folder in Windows XP with other computers on a Windows network?

What is DHCP?

What are private IP addresses?

What is Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)?

How can I automate the Windows/Client for Microsoft networks logon when Windows 9x/Me boots-up?

How can I install the NetBEUI protocol in Windows XP?

Is it possible to network a Windows Me computer with Windows 98, etc. computers?

What are 10BASE2 and 10BASE5 Ethernet Networks?

Why would 100BASE-TX network adapters only operate at 10 MHz when two computers are connected with a long cable?

How can I tell if a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server is running/working on my network?

Does the order of the colors of the wires in a straight-thru twisted-pair network cable matter as long as both ends are the cable are wired the same?

How can I test twisted-pair Ethernet cables?

How do I test an Ethernet network interface card (NIC or network adapter)?

Can I just join a broken CAT5 cable by soldering the parts back together?

What are TCP Ports?

What is the Windows network Browse Service and what is a Browse Master?

How does one change the Browse Master network settings in Windows 9X/Me?

What are the rules for assigning computer and workgroup names in a Microsoft Windows network?

What are the configuration requirements to browse (see) computers and shared resources (files, drives, and printers) on a Windows peer-to-peer network?

What are the differences between Category 3, 4, 5, etc. cable ratings?

What is the difference between the ANSI/TIA/EIA T568A and T568B color code wiring standards?

What are the maximum and minimum cable lengths allowed for a 100BASE-TX unshielded, twisted-pair (UTP) Ethernet?

Is the cable labeled 568-B on your page LETS MAKE IT SIMPLE in your HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN CAT 5 TWISTED-PAIR NETWORK CABLES article ACTUALLY wired to 568-A?

Why would the Link (or LNK) LEDs be on solid, if there is a faulty cable connecting two Ethernet devices?

How does one share a drive or folder in Windows 2000 (or NT 4.0) with other computers on a Windows network?

How does one share a drive or folder in Windows XP with other computers on a Windows network?

What is an uplink port and what are the ways to connect two hubs/switches together?

How can I set-up a  computer with more than one network configuration so it can be conveniently used on multiple networks?

Are you planning an article on making coax/thinwire Ethernet cables?

Automate Windows 9X/SE/Me logon to Win NT network domain?

Automate the Windows NT Server logon?

Can ping a computer on the Internet with it's IP address, but I cannot connect with my browser...? 

DOS Client... Peer-to-Peer network DOS-only computers?  Network floppy?

Gaming... IPX/SPX prototcol... Error: Network inaccessible?

How do I change my computer and workgroup names in a Windows network?

Is the NetBEUI protocol required to share files?

No Windows password box to log onto the network?

Running network cable outside of a building?

Unable to browse network with the NetBEUI protocol?

What is the Difference between a Hub and a Switch?

Where can I find information for solving Windows and Microsoft Networking problems?

Wire direct to hub/switch instead of buying a patch panel?

Also see our Internet Connection Sharing FAQs

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