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Sharing Drives and Folders With Windows XP
Last updated: 12/22/01

Q.  How does one share a drive or folder in Windows XP with other computers on a Windows network?

A.  Drive sharing on the XP computer: My Computer, right-click C:, Sharing and Security, Sharing. It had drive C: shared as C$, the default share. This share is not visible to other computers on the network. Clicked New Share and added a new share name of “C” without the “”. Clicked Permissions and verified that Everyone had full permissions. OK, OK, Apply, OK.

You may also have to activate the Guest account on XP computers... Start, Control Panel, Category View, Performance and Maintenance, Computer Management, System Tools, Local Users and Groups, Guest, and uncheck Account is disabled, if it is.

Be sure the XP firewall on the client computers is disabled or configured to permit use of the local area network.

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