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How to Install Quickbooks Pro 2001
on Windows XP and Update It
Last updated: 1/

Installing and updating Quickbooks Pro has always been difficult. Add Windows XP and the learning process and searching google.com for answers can take noticeable time. So, I decided to add an outline of the steps for future reference and, hopefully, to help others in the process. Here's what I did...

1. I installed all Windows XP updates before installing QB.

2. Install Quickbooks Pro 2001 (QB) as a user with Administrator privileges.

3. During the installation QB will display errors about it needing Internet Explorer 5.5 to operate. In each case click the OK button. QB will continue to install and will use Internet Explorer 6.x OK once the below fixes have been installed.

4. Unlike other versions of Windows, a new install of Windows XP does not include the Windows Java Virtual Machine. It was removed from Windows XP because of a legal dispute between Sun Systems and Microsoft. Sun's Java download will not work with QB. I tried it first. Without Windows Java Virtual Machine, QB will issue an error message indicating that it can't find msjava.dll, the Windows Java Virtual Machine dynamic-link library. To install msjava.dll, insert the QB CD again. When it autostarts and prompts with Reinstall QuickBooks, Cancel, or Run QuickBooks, choose Cancel.

5. Use the Windows Explorer to access the QB CD and expand the directory to the QBOOKS folder.

6. Locate and double-click msjavx86.exe to execute it.

7. Wait for msjava86.exe to complete its install and then reboot Windows.

8. The next step will correct QB script and Active X errors. Using the Windows Explorer, go to
C:\Program Files\Intuit\Quickbooks Pro and double-click reboot.bat to execute it in a DOS window. Wait until the DOS window says it is finished executing and then reboot Windows.

9. I could not get Intuit's automatic internet QB update feature to work. If you want to try, here's how: If you previously updated QB in an older version of Windows, you won't be able to access your company files until QB has been updated. To get at QB to do an update, open a sample company. Then in QB click File, Update Quickbooks... This appeared to connected OK, but no updates were listed after I waited for several minutes.

10. So, I downloaded the most recent update and installed it manually. This has the advantage in a network environment of installing the update to several computers without downloading again. l like it better then the automatic update for installing even one machine.

11. Browse to the Quickbooks Product Updates page.

12. Click Manual Download and download the appropriate update. The most recent one at the time I originally wrote this FAQ was R6. R6 included all previous updates.

13. After downloading, double-click the file to install the update. It should do everything automatically. QB should not be running when doing this. Reboot Windows.


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