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How to Disable Simple File Sharing in Windows XP
Last updatd: 3/20/05

Q. How can one disable or enable Simple File Sharing in Windows XP?

A. Simple File Sharing permits controlling both sharing and NTFS permissions at the folder level. Network access is through a guest account. Windows XP Home Edition always has Simple File Sharing enabled. By default, it is turned off in Windows Professional when it joins a workgroup. Classic file sharing is used when Windows XP Pro joins a domain. Windows XP Home cannot join a domain. Simple File Sharing can be disabled in Windows XP Pro when it is a member of a workgroup. When it is disabled security can be controlled for individual user accounts.

To disable Simple File Sharing, click start, double-click My Computer, Tools, Folder Options, View tab, at the bottom of the list uncheck Use simple file sharing (Recommended).

Ref: How to configure file sharing in Windows XP

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