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My Wife's Favorite Pan
Last updated: 10/23/05

Every kitchen should have a small broiler/roasting pan for everyday meals. Unfortunately, most kitchens have a broiler pan like the one to the right. In many cases, it came with the stove/oven. They are abysmal to clean. Most roasting pans are quite large and used for cooking things like turkeys. They are unwieldy to use for everyday meals. What is needed is a small pan with a wire grill on the top for broiling and roasting.

Shortly after my Wife and I were married we bought such a pan. It was made out aluminum, had a non-stick interior, measured 14 x 9 ¾ x 2 ¼ inches, and had a wire grill. My Wife is an excellent cook and it was her favorite pan by far. She used it three or four times a week (when not grilling outside) for roasting and broiling for more than 32 years. In that time, the pan got all banged-up. We ate the Teflon long ago and it became difficult to clean. She had to line it with aluminum foil nearly every time she cooked with it. She was embarrassed to use it when we had company. Nevertheless, she loved that old pan. It was nearly ideal for our family of three.

I hunted for a replacement in stores and on the Internet for more than three years. In 2002, I bought her a small, rather expensive stainless steel lasagna/roasting pan in an attempt to replace it. It measured 15 x 11 x 3 inches. My Wife soon discovered that it was also too heavy and awkward to use as an everyday replacement for her favorite pan. With exception of occasionally roasting a turkey, she hardly used it.

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