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How to Make Great Popcorn
Last updated: 11/9/03

Here's how to make movie theater quality popcorn with few or no un-popped kernels and no burned popcorn.

Serves three or four people and a dog for a whole movie.


3-quart sauce pan with lid.

Popcorn, not much.

1 stick of butter (my Wife says that's too much)

Vegetable oil (I used Crisco Purer Canola Oil for the last batch).

Table salt


1. Turn on stove and adjust to somewhere between medium and high heat (my stove is 220 volt electric).

2. Poor vegatable oil in the pan to cover bottom and then some.

3. Place pan on stove and let heat for a minute or so.

4. In the mean time, put a stick of butter in another pan and start it melting at medium heat.

5. Put three popcorn kernels in the pan.

6. When one or two of them pop, cover the bottom of the pan with popcorn and then some, but not a whole lot. You should not be able to see the bottom of the pan.

7. Place the top on the pan ajar. The popcorn should start popping in a minute or so.

8. Continuously shake the pan across the burner until popping reaches a crescendo.

9. Move to a unheated burner and back to the heated burner once or twice (this is an art).

10. Move to an unheated burner when the popcorn reaches the lid and wait while it finishes popping.

11. Pour popcorn in a large bowl, pour on butter, and salt to taste. The butter and salt can be distributed by pouring the popcorn back and fourth between the bowl(s) and pan. If some fall on the floor, I eat them anyway.

This works every time for me. My dog loves it. Catches them in midair.


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