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Summaries and Links
November 2001

11/30 Overclocking: questions, experience, debate, wisdom, critical data, hobbyists, station wagons, and hot rods

11/30 Answers to New Webmaster Questions

11/29 Computer Case Recommendation

11/29 Where does one find the equivalent of the Windows 9x/Me scandisk in Windows XP?  Answer

11/29 I changed my display settings in Windows.  After restarting Windows the display is so bad I cannot change them back.  How can I change the settings?  Answer

11/16 Is there an easy way to extract files from the Windows 98, 98SE, and Me CDs?  Answer

11/15 Windows XP & Me, TCP/IP & NetBEUI When Using Routers with DHCP

11/14 Problem: Windows XP Cannot Find an NT 4.0 Domain Controller... Solution

11/14 What is a MAC address?  What is a GUID?

11/14 Windows XP Problems... Fix for CD Creator 5 Basic Windows XP compatibility problem

11/9 Installing an Athlon XP Processor, EpoX 8KHA+ Motherboard, & Windows XP Pro OEM

11/5 Rule: don't use funny characters in names when networking.  More...

11/3 What are the rules for connecting IDE drive cables (hard disk, CD-ROM, ATA/66/100/133, etc.)?

11/2 Athlon XP 1900+ (1.6 GHz) Processors to Start Shipping Next Week

11/1 November should be nVIDIA nFORCE month in the motherboard world. CNET reports that a slew of motherboard makers and some smaller PC makers are expected to announce products based on the new nFORCE DDR Athlon motherboard chipset next week.  Benchmarks on the chipset are starting to show-up on the Internet...  11/4 nVIDIA and AMD are hosting conference calls on the 8th and COMDEX starts the 12th in Las Vegas.  I see a roll-out for the holiday shopping season.   Click here for more...

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