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Summaries and Links
October 2001

10/30 Death of the AMD Athlon Thunderbird Processor

10/30 Which Browser for Linux?

10/29 What is DHCP?

10/25 MS: "Device Settings Are Hard to Find in Windows" (an understatement) or... How do I set a drive to use DMA and change other device settings in Windows 2000/XP?
10/25 Where to get a Dell computer case

10/23 Ordering stuff for the next generation Athlon computers

10/19 What are private IP addresses?

10/19 What is Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)?

10/13 TweakUI paranoia and where to find this very useful Windows utility

10/13 The importance of the word 'twist' in making network cables which will work

10/13 First look: SMC SMC7008BR Barricade cable MODEM/DSL router/7-port Ethernet switch

10/13 E-Mail Routing/Sharing

AMD Bows Its Own XP with Athlon. 0.18-micron process, Socket A, 384K on die cache',  half million more transistors (37.5 million total), 266 MHz FSB, a thermal diode for improved heat control; and draws roughly 20 percent less power.  XP 1500+ (1.33GHz), 1600+ (1.4GHz), 1700+ (1.47GHz), and 1800+ (1.53GHz). AMD's Athlon XP Delivers on Everyday Performance. AMD's new processor outperforms a 2GHz P4 when running mainstream and high-end productivity applications, but is second-best when it comes to 3D modelling. AMD press release.

10/3 Using Lexmark Windows-only printers with the SMC Barricade broadband router printer server

10/3 Installing hard disk drives with 40 GByte or greater capacity on old motherboards

10/3 What does OEM mean?

10/3 Does the network cable length matter if the length is within the maximum length permitted?

10/2 The 11th issue of the Dux Computer Newsletter has been sent. Excerpt: "Meanwhile, nVIDIA's nFORCE motherboard chipset has been slow in arriving on scene.  It has been well over three months since nVIDIA had a dog 'n pony show and lot's of hoopla all over the world introducing the chipset.  NVIDIA has repeatedly denied having problems with it despite many rumors to the contrary.  And we all know that 'nVIDIA and AMD have a close working relationship.'  If there are no problems, what is causing the delay.  The Athlon XP?   Have they been waiting for the desktop Palomino?  If so, why?"
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