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Summaries and Links
September 2001

9/27 Networking Windows XP and Windows Me/9x...

9/27 How can I install the NetBEUI protocol in Windows XP?

9/24 Is it possible to network a Windows Me computer with Windows 98, etc. computers?  Answer.

9/24 AnandTech: NVIDIA's nForce 420/220: It's Finally Here
Apparently, the Athlon 266 MHz FSB is a bottle neck to realizing the full performance potential of the nFORCE twin bank memory architecture.  Performance of the nFORCE chipset with existing Athlons is approximately on a par with VIA's new KT266A chipset.  I wouldn't call it "here" yet.  It will be "here" when motherboards are available for purchase.  Many benchmarks--which could improve as motherboard manufacturer's optimize BIOS performance, etc.

9/19 Why can't/shouldn't you make a star-wired network with coax cables?

9/18 Nimda Worm Infects Servers and PCs
... More Nimda Info

9/18 How can I automate the Windows logon when Windows 9x/Me boots-up?  Answer.

9/18 Processor Meltdown

9/17 Installing the SPX/IPX Protocol

Highpoint HPT374 PCI Four Channel Ultra DMA/ATA133 RAID Controller

9/15 Too much memory can slowdown a computer

9/14 Interfacing a broadband (cable MODEM/DSL) router to a local area network with an existing Ethernet hub or switch

How can I install a laptop hard disk drive in a desktop computer?  Answer.

9/10 Intel Introduces the i845 SDRAM Pentium 4 Chipset.  News roundup.

9/7 Older Compaq Deskpro: Installing a larger than 8.4 GByte Hard Disk... BIOS, EZ Drive, Maintenance Partition

9/5 The 10th issue of the Dux Computer Newsletter has been sent.
  I hope you like it.  Excerpt: "VIA announced an upgrade to their KT266 DDR Athlon motherboard chipset, the KT266A, a couple of days ago.  Apparently, "tightened timings and deeper queues" in the KT266A Northbridge chip do in fact ".increase memory and system bus performance."  The benchmarks I have seen show that it is noticeably faster than with the competing SiS735 chipset and it may also be even faster than the forthcoming nVIDIA nFORCE chipset..."
Click here to read the rest of it.  Click here to subscribe.  It's free.  Larry

How do I troubleshoot a monitor that occasionally goes blank (black, no cursor) or will not always come on when I turn on my computer?  Answer.

How do I fix the problem causing the following error in windows 9X: "Explorer caused an invalid page fault in kernel32.dll"?  Answer.

9/2 MSN Broadband Internet Setup With a Linksys Router

9/2 SMC Barricade Router, Surfboard SB2100D Cable Modem, Internet, LAN Status

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