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Summaries and Links
April 2002

4/26 Is CAT 5 network cable a good choice for audio applications; e.g., connecting speakers to an amplifier?  Discuss this topic.

4/24 AMD Announces "AMD Opteron" As Brand for Next-generation Server and Workstation Processors. The desktop version of Hammer is due out in the last quarter of this year will have a variation of the Athlon brand name. Tomorrow, AMD will demo hammer with a development version of Windows .net server software with Hammer 64-bit instructions and a 32-bit version of Windows XP.

4/19 Updated: Dell Using Non-Standard ATX Power Supplies Since 1998 and Is Now Using Non-standard Form Factor Motherboards

4/18 Troubleshooting a PC that won't boot

4/14 Funny how a thread on Windows XP has turned into a discussion of Linux...

4/13 Why partitioning a hard disk drive will make it faster and use space more efficiently

4/12 The Story of Chaos-Mouse

4/12 More on running network cable between buildings

4/12 Overcoming Ethernet collision domain limitations, the 5-4-3 rule, and using fiber for long legs

4/12 AOpen FM56-ITU/2 ISA MODEM jumper setttings

4/12 How to turn off print notification in win 2k for network printers

/12 Windows 9X VFAT Device Initialization Failed error

4/11 Why LoadPowerProfile may appear twice as a Windows Startup program

4/9 How to save the Windows Dial-up Connection settings and password for an Internet Service Provider?

4/9 How to conveniently turn-off startup programs to free-up system resources and make a computer faster?

4/8 MODEM keeps dialing in Windows XP -- Nuking MS Messenger

4/8 Off-center browser: New Internet Explorer Window opens partially off the screen

4/8 Running a 10BASET/100BASE-TX network and a phone line on the same CAT 5 cable

4/5 TV-out discussion

4/3 How to clear a motherboard CMOS (and BIOS password) without taking the lid off a computer

4/3 Troubleshooting a dead computer or one that won't boot

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