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Summaries and Links
August 2002

8/26 Why do Windows 9x fdisk and format commands executed at the DOS prompt report hard disk drives that are larger than 64 GBytes as much small drives?  Answer and fix.

8/23 Possible fixes for Windows 9x/2000 Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) clients causing the ICS host to dial-out when it shouldn't (booting-up, printing to a network printer, etc.)

8/22 Where does one find the equivalent of the Windows 9x/Me scandisk in Windows 2000?

8/19 Well, last week VIA announced the KT400 Athlon motherboard chipset. The press release used these words: ." Enabling Stratospheric Performance in AMD AthlonT XP Processor Based Systems. ultra fast connectivity combine to crown the new king of Socket A compatible chipsets."  I've seen bloated adjectives used in press releases before, but this reaches a new level of absurdity.  More

8/15 Fixing Windows XP problems with chat servers

8/13 Red Hat Expanding to Corporate Desktop. Open-source technology provider will release a formal desktop Linux product geared toward the corporate market early next year. LINUXWORLD SF: Red Hat rolls out support for AMD's Hammer. Hat plans to demonstrate a 32-bit version of Red Hat Linux Advanced Server running on a 64-bit Athlon-based system at the LinuxWorld 2002 exhibition in San Francisco.  What happens if both Red Hat and Apple come-out with GUI Desktop Operating Systems for UNIX and AMD's 64-bit processor?

8/12 Troubleshooting Asus P3V4X motherboard problems

8/8 Using Google to solve computer problems.

8/7 Fixing the Windows 98 "incorrect DOS version" problem

8/5 How to repair Internet Explorer 6.

8/4 When shutting-down Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition it restarts instead of shutting-down.

8/2 Zapped BIOS.

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