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Summaries and Links
December 2002

12/24 Choosing a motherboard and processor

12/24 Free anti virus software

12/24 Copying Game CD's

12/24 Windows 2000 Pro vs Windows XP, which is better?

12/11 How to use xcopy32 to clone a Windows 9x hard disk drive

12/11 How do you troubleshoot a dead motherboard?

12/11 What is the Minimal Bootable Configuration for most motherboards?

12/11 When trying to install a MODEM, soundcard, etc. setup cannot find the driver files at the indicated location...

12/7 How to install the CD version of Windows 98, etc. on a notebook without a CD-ROM drive

12/7 New HOMEPLUG Network and comparative benchmarks for various kinds of networks

12/2 If you really want to soup-up a computer, get a Western Digital Special Edition Caviar hard disk drive with an eight MByte buffer--reasonably priced and lightning fast!

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