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Summaries and Links
February 2002

2/25 By default, how many TCP bindings (instances) can one have in a Windows 9X network configuration and how can it be changed? Answer.

2/21 Running CAT 5 network cable outside between a house and a garage with an office

2/21 Can you play VCD's in a regular CD-ROM?

2/15 Can the Windows XP Upgrade be used to upgrade a computer with the Windows 98, 98 SE, or Me Upgrade installed?  Answer.

2/12 How to fix Windows XP shutdown problems

2/12 Ways to set-up a  computer with more than one network configuration so it can be conveniently used on multiple networks?

2/8 Pentium III: fan speed changes, computer slows

2/5 I have learned a few lessons the hard way over the many years I have been working on computers and a few of them have been very expensive.  Some of the most important ones are presented in Rules for Working With Hard Disk Drives and Safeguarding Data.

2/2 What is an Ethernet  MAC address?

2/2 How to make a combo coax/twisted-pair network adapter, which works in a thinwire coax network, work in a twisted-pair network?

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