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Summaries and Links
January 2002

Differences between SMC SMC7004BR and SMC7004ABR broadband routers

Picking-up interference from radio stations on PC speakers

How does one automate the Windows 2000 Pro logon when Windows boots-up?

How to print, etc. zoomed images in .pdf files viewed in Adobe Acrobat, or, for that matter, anything displayed in Windows

How does one make a Windows 2000 boot floppy?

How does one make a Windows 2000 Emergency Repair Disk?

What are the constraints of the various Windows and MS-DOS operating systems regarding the NTFS, FAT32, and FAT16 file systems?

EpoX 8KHA+ DDR AMD Motherboard Northbridge Heatsink-fan Problem

How to configure an SMC7004BR Router for the PPTP protocol... to operate with an Alcatel Speed Touch Home ADSL MODEM (which does PPPoA to PPTP) to access a PPPoA ADSL broadband Internet service.

How do I enable or disable the Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall? Answer.

Windows 2000 Server: Domain or Workgroup, pros and cons?  What does one really need for a server in a Home Office/Small Office?

1/14 The EpoX 8KHA+ Athlon MotherboardHow much have AMD-based computers changed since the Socket 7 and what can one expect by upgrading to the 8KHA+?   Besides reviewing the 8KHA+, this article will attempt to answer that question.  Click here to read more..

From the Shop: Fixing a Corrupted Outlook Personal Folders File

What causes a computer to reboot itself? Answer.

PCI slot cooling fan debate/experiences.

What is a good way to attach network cables to wooden studs and joists?  Answer.

Where do I find information on setting-up SyGate Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) software for Internet games, online chat, personal communications, etc.?  Answer.

Why doesn't my motherboard see my new 40 Gbyte (or other large capacity) hard disk drive?  Answer and Remedies.

What is the cause of most network problems?  Answer.

Antec cases, power supplies, Epox 8KHA+ motherboards, and Athlon XP processors.

My old CD-ROM drive has slowed-down to a crawl, slower than my floppy drive...

DRAM Price Spike Could Bring Profits Soon. ``There hasn't really been a rebound in the PC sector,'' said Marcus Weston, an analyst at HSBC Securities in Singapore. ``I don't think (the sector) can be sustained just based on increasing prices. It has to be some sort of consolidation in the industry.''  And history is repeating itself again...

Unidentified Flying NIC (or how to identify the manufacturer of an Ethernet network adapter from it's MAC address).

Windows 98 SE/Me versus Windows XP for Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

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