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Summaries and Links
July 2002

7/31 Problems With Motherboard Northbridge Chipset Fans

7/30 If you are looking for a large, but not overbearing ATX computer case and power supply for a high-end PC or small business file server, Antec's SX830 and SX840 Performance Series Workstation Cases are good choices.
Click here to read the review.

7/27 Larry's Culver City Refried Beans.  This is our first non-computer-related, "potpourri" item. Who said everything on this web site has to be about computers? 

7/26 If you are using any of the Netscape version 4 or Internet Explorer (IE) 5.0 or lower browsers you may start to have problems with this web site. The problem is the browser! It is time to upgrade to a modern, standards-compliant browser. Click here for more information.

7/25 Replacing Old Motherboard CMOS Batteries

7/25 Laser printer print quality problems

7/25 What are files with a .bin extension?

7/17 Ways to Copy the Contents of One Hard Disk to Another will show you how to configure your old and new hard disk drives and describe four methods used to copy the contents of the old one to the new one.


7/16 TIA Approves Category 6 Telecommunications Standard for Publication. Because category 6 supports positive power sum attenuation to crosstalk (PSACR) margins up to 200 MHz, this new cabling system offers double the bandwidth of category 5e network cabling and vastly improved signal-to-noise margins. Category 6 cabling is designed to be backward compatible with categories 3, 5 and 5e. Many thanks to "trumpetr" in our forums for this news item.

7/12 MSN Messenger disconnects and broadband routers

7/12 How to copy the contents of an old hard disk to a new one

7/12 How to add a second hard disk to a Windows XP computer

7/12 Registry patches for broadband speed improvement

7/12 Connecting a 10BASET network to an old 10BASE2 coax Ethernet

7/5 I wired my network cables wrong. Why does it still work?  Does it work?

7/5 Protecting the Windows registry and IE home pages...

7/5 What's the best way to clean the heat sink compound off the cpu and is it safe to use alcohol?

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