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Summaries and Links
June 2002

6/26  How to set-up the Windows XP firewall so PCs on a LAN can share resources

6/22  Where did you get the name "Dux?"

6/17 Ten top rules for networking Windows XP

6/17 Minimum configuration to boot a computer (get a BIOS Post display)

6/17 SCSI vs EIDE/ATA hard disk drives

6/17 Fix for divide overflow error when installing some games by Sierra

6/17 PCI 3D accelerators and fast CPUs do not mix

6/10 How to fix SMC7401BRA ADSL Router when a Firmware upgrade goes awry

6/10 Solving Windows networking problems in a network with a broadband router and a mix of Windows XP and 9x/Me computers

6/7 Troubleshooting Windows XP restarting itself and other XP-related hardware problems

6/6 I had to rework our old 1996 web site, which is available on this web site for nostalgia and possible historic interest, and put it in frames with a note to that affect... because I was getting two or three phone calls a week from people wanting to buy the 6-year-old products featured in it...  Larry

6/3 How to add a P3P compact privacy policy to the http headers for a web site running on an Apache web server and p3p privacy policy links.

6/2 Formatting a Hard Disk Drive for Windows XP.

6/1 How to sort the Internet Explorer favorites and Start Menu programs so they are listed Alphabetically.

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