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Summaries and Links
March 2002

3/28 A night's rest cures a communications problem between an SMC SMC7004ABR Barricade router and a Motorola SB4100 cable MODEM

3/27 A Good Way to Clean a Computer (and a Computer Shop)

3/20 Discussion of BIOS and Windows FAT (File Allocation Table) limitations on hard disk drive partition sizes (with references)

3/18 Extending Ethernet segment lengths

3/18 AMD's policy and comments on using third party heatsink-fans with retail processors

3/18 Registry entries to fix Win 98 will not display network login screen

3/18 Formatting a hard disk drive For Windows XP

3/11 I have a ton of files in my options\cabs folder. Can I delete these or do they have to stay there?  Answer.

3/11 802.11b Wireless Networking

3/8 How to fix Outlook/Outlook Express hyperlinks?

3/7 How do I install a network adapter when Windows keeps stating that it needs a file from the network adapter floppy (or the Windows CD) to continue, but still cannot find the file/driver when I insert the requested disk?  Answer.

3/6 Links to Sites With Pop-up Advertising.  As a matter of possible interest, I am starting to remove links from this web site to sites that serve excessive pop-ups (and pop-unders), and am trying to avoid those that serve any pop-ups. There are many links on this web site of over 4,000 pages. This will, of course, in some small way, lower the search engine ratings for those sites (and perhaps this site, as well). This site is not running pop-ups and we do not want to annoy readers with links that produce pop-ups from other sites.  Enough is enough... Larry

3/6 How to hang-up a dial-up MODEM on a Windows 9x/Me ICS host computer from an ICS client computer? Answer.

3/4 Windows will not display the login screen so the PC can connect to the local network...

3/4 Linking two broadband routers

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