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Summaries and Links
May 2002

5/31 Some advice on evaluating and purchasing digital cameras on the Internet.

5/30 How to onfigure an SMC Barricade broadband router for IRC DCC.

5/25 How to upgrade to Windows 2000.

5/25 Windows 2000/98 shared folder name length limitation.

5/25 Jumper configurations for Novell/Anthem NE 1000 network adapters.

5/23 AMD Athlon XP 2100+ for sale on ebay

5/19 Solution to a problem of not being able to access some web sites from client computers when using Windows Internet Connection Sharing and the PPPoE protocol.

5/15 Judge Orders VeriSign to Stop Advertising Campaign. Domain-name seller BulkRegister sued VeriSign in Baltimore on Monday, saying the company sent thousands of "renewal notices" to BulkRegister customers that sought to trick them into unwittingly transferring their accounts to VeriSign.  Be advised that VeriSign's $35/year for a .com domain name registration fee is the highest I've seen.  The registrar I use charges $8.95/year per domain name.  duxcw.com is a domain name (or web site Internet name in layman terms).  Larry

5/13 P3P and IE 6: Raising More Privacy Issues Than They Resolve?

5/13 Can the AMD Athlon XP Processor Utilize DDR333 Memory?

5/10 How to connect to an SMC Barricade broadband router with Windows XP.

5/9 Answer to: Why won't my broadband router communicate with my cable MODEM?

5/8 Answer to: Why won't the front panel power switch on my computer turn-off the computer?

5/7 How to change the drive letter assignments in Windows XP?

5/6 Quick fix for Windows XP in continual restart loop and other software problems.  FAQ

5/6 How to configure an SMC Barricade broadband router to work with a DSL router (that's right: a router with a combination router/MODEM)

5/4 There is more to making an Ethernet crossover cable than just connecting the correct pins together.

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