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Summaries and Links
October 2002

10/29 How to configure how Windows XP handles digitally-signed drivers.

10/22 The BIOS Int 13h extensions and 200 GB and the 137 GB hard disk drive limits

10/22 Virtual CD-ROM drives

10/22 Problem getting an Athlon/memory and running at the correct speed

10/15 Important Security Issue for Win2000/XP

10/15 What's wrong with stripes? (What are the pros and cons of using hard disk drives in a striped RAID configuration?)

10/14 CD-ROM Drive makes a funny noise explained

10/14 Bandaids for broken 486 sockets

10/14 Not impressed with Mandrake Linux version 9.0

10/14 Fixes for Outlook shows wrong mail delivery time

10/14 Windows 2000 install freezes at splash screen on Dell OptiPlex GX100, GX110, GX115, or GX150

10/08 Tracking-down a driver for an unknown MODEM

10/08 Bill Gates Can Kiss-off This One!

10/07 How to fix a slow broadband (cable or DSL), ICS, or Windows network connection

10/07 My computer goes into scandisk when it first starts Windows and gets stuck there...

10/3 The Abit KX7-333/KX7-333R DDR Athlon motherboard implements an incremental increase in motherboard technology with the VIA KT333 chipset and DDR2700 (333 MHz) memory.  Is it faster than its predecessor?  This review also includes benchmarks of the Western Digital WD800 Special Edition ATA/100 hard disk drive with 8 MBytes of disk cache' in normal and RAID configurations.  The box the drive comes in says, "LIGHTNING FAST."  Is it?  Click here to find out.


10/02  Should I try to fix an injured laptop myself?

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