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Summaries and Links
September 2002

9/26 Red Hat Linux Clean Install - The Whole Enchilada. This is my detailed(!) step-by-step, clean install and testing of Red Linux 7.3, including telnet, wu-FTP, Samba, Apache, a virtual web server, Perl, PHP, MySQL, and the lines from the various configuration and test files. I hope these notes will save some people some grief.

9/20 Unplugging a PC before working on it?

9/19 How to restore an SMC BRA741 Barricade ADSL Router (built-in ADSL MODEM + router) to factory defaults after a bad firmware flash

9/18 Network cabling rules, fishing cable through walls and attics, standards, and how the pins are connected, simplified

9/11 Discussion of different kinds of RJ-45 plugs for stranded and solid-core network cables

9/7  How to Network Red Hat Linux and Microsoft Windows will show you step-by-step how to setup a computer running Red Hat Linux version 7.3 in a network with computers running various versions of Microsoft Windows.  The Windows computers will be able to share files and printers with the Linux computer and vice versa, and it will be possible to move files and folders back and fourth between the computers.
Click here to read the article.


9/6 Null MODEM and the coolest web site on the Internet

9/6 I'm a motherboard serial killer

9/6 Details of and fix for Windows XP Promulgate Universal error

9/6 About Motherboats

9/6 Scratch my Adobe

9/6 Linux Update

9/6 Cannot use CD copy in Nero

9/4 How to make a Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-TX) Crossover cable

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