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Summaries and Links
August 2003

8/30 How to setup a server behind a broadband router

8/29 Dual-booting Windows XP and Windows 2000. Example boot.ini file.

8/27 PC Power Requirements and Conservation

8/26 How to delete a Windows 2000 temporary page file, delete temppf.sys.

8/26 The Dorcy Solid State Flashlight can stay on continuously for over a week with four ordinary AA cells.

8/25 Wormy laptops, new ones right out of the box

8/25 How to share the Outlook Express folders among multiple Windows XP users

8/25 Blaster and other worm removal tools

8/22 Hotmail Messages Are Downloaded Twice

8/22 Fried processor fries motherboard

8/22 Cannot Access Windows Update When Netscape Is the Default Web Browser

8/19 What is the best and hopefully cheapest way I can use two computers on one RJ45 outlet? The RJ45 outlet goes to a router.

8/13 MSBlaster/LovSan Worm. Windows SVCHOST.EXE error. More info.

8/7Updated: Microsoft FrontPage 2003 vs. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Notes

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