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Summaries and Links
February 2003

2/28 What is a NAT or Network Address Translation?

2/27 Troubleshooting steps and info on a free kit to fix HP LaserJet 6L, 3100, 3150, or 1100 paper jams

2/26  Windows 98 error exception OE has occurred at 0028:C182B573 in VxD scsilhlp(03)+00000583...

2/25 Converting VHS videos to Compact Disk/DVD.

2/23 How fix the problem which prevents viewing HTML source code from the Internet Explorer?

2/18 Troubleshooting Windows 2000 Networking: Computer Browser

2/13 HP LaserJet feeding multiple pages

2/11 Disappearing images in Outlook Express and the Internet Explorer

2/11 Troubles with ECS K7S5A motherboards

2/7 Leaking Capacitors Muck up Motherboards.  A mistake in the stolen formulation of the electrolyte in a capacitor has wrecked hundreds of PCs/Motherboards and may wreck still more in what is an industry-wide problem...

2/5 The State of Samba.  In a nutshell, this powerhouse program allows file and device sharing between various Windows and Unix-based operating systems. And there are good reasons why IT managers should consider using it. How to Network Red Hat Linux and Microsoft Windows.

2/4  What is mscdex? Sorting out the ASPI driver mess.

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